Bibione 2019

27. (07:00 Uhr) bis 28. Apr 2019 (22:00 Uhr)

Zur Turnier-Übersicht

Reiseleitung: Laura und ?

Status: Anmeldung bestätigt :)

Real mixed, also 6-7 Männer und 5-6 Frauen. Männerliste ist jetzt voll

Josh und Bethan sind auch mit im Team.


Bibione Beach Challenge 2019


MIXED division : a ‘real’ Co-Ed one so teams must be able to put on fields ‘3men/2women’ or ‘2men/3women’ according to rules.

The dates for this 14° edition are:  APRIL 27 &  28th, 2019
* Matches starting on SATURDAY morning April  27th  2019
* Qualification matches all day and Sunday morning
* Finals on  SUNDAY afternoon  April 28th 2019


The 2019 Ultimate FEEs are:

* MIXED Team fee : 450,00€ including up to 13 players
* Extra player’s fee : 35,00€ each extra player on top of the 13 already included in team fee
Fee includes: tournament, 1 gift each player, water and first aid on fields, party, breakfast on Sat & Sun.

Wo findet es statt?

Bibione, Italien


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